Therapeutic Body Massage


Revitalize your tired body and spirit with the therapeutic benefits of massage. Energize yourself with one of our amazing massage therapies and allow yourself to be rewarded. Schedule your much needed massage appointment today at one of our locations.

Pure Focus Body Massage
Depending on each individals needs,
a variety of massage techniques will
be utilized to balance, soothe, and
invigorate your body.
30 min. $47
45 min. $62
60 min. $75
75 min. $90
90 min. $105
120 min. $135
Pregnancy Massage  


Massage For Two   STARTING AT $140
Stone Massage
This therapeutic massage, using warm
stones, is the ultimate in head to toe
healing and relaxation experience.
Each stone helps bring oxygenated
blood rapidly to the muscles, relieving
pain and tension. The result being a
profound feeling of peace and well
30 min. $57
60 min. $85
90 min. $115
Massage Cupping
Experience this incredible treatment
yourself! By creating suction and
negative pressure, massage cupping
is used to release rigid soft tissue,
drain excess fluids and toxins, lift
connective tissue and bring blood
flow to stagnant skin and muscles.
May also be added to a massage
service or performed alone. 
30 min. (facial only) $57
60 min. (back only) $85
90 min. (full body) $115
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